I have began my travel and photography explorations of South-East Asia as a Child Care University Student already in 1987, when I took my first trip by Trans Siberian train Moscow - Ulaan Baatar - Beijing, 8000 km in 7 days. 

When immigrated to the United Kingdom in 2006 I started travelling more intensively and developing my photography skills.

Over the years I had occasionally a chance of taking part in several voluntary projects with Stu and the Kids charity organization working with Thai and Burmese Orphans

I also used to manage 2 web-based Photographers & Travelers  Forums named Instant Travelling and World Around. In consequence of my Asian Exploration experiences I had changed my ironed suit, tie and laptop for cargo trousers, a hoodie jacket and a knapsack to continue my passion for photography, traveling and scuba diving by doing regular exotic trips around the World. I am self-employed, happily divorced and have no kids.

You can also find examples of my work online:

Ryszard Wierzbicki Photography

Photojournalism, Documentary, Street Photography, Travel, Portraying
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